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CariVu Cavity Detection

CariVu Caries Detection – The Next Step in Preventive Dentistry

At our Newton Centre dental practice, our mission is to provide tailored preventive care that meets the unique needs of each smile. In order to provide such highly personalized treatment solutions, our team utilizes the latest in dental technologies. Most recently, we’ve included the CariVu cavity detection device by DEXIS®. Non-invasive and radiation-free, this state-of-the-art device ushers in a new era of precise dental care by our experienced dentist in Newton.

What is DEXIS® CariVu?

In recent years, digital imaging has provided dentists the opportunity to take high resolution images of patient dentition. However, technologies are limited to show only visible indicators of dental decay. As a result, subsequent treatment plans to may not fully address the dental problems in their earliest state, leaving patients vulnerable to new or recurrent oral health issues in the future.

DEXIS CariVu is an innovative diagnostic tool that eliminates uncertainty from the examination process. Rather than taking images of the exterior of the tooth, CariVu uses transillumination technology to make dental enamel appear transparent, exposing carious lesions as clearly as possible. With this tool, dentists are able to precisely identify new, developing cavities and recommend treatments that proactively address dental decay before it can compromise the overall health of the smile.

Providing Precise Dental Care Every Visit

As one of the first dental practices in the greater Boston region to integrate the CariVu device into our examinations, we pride ourselves on bringing the latest dental technologies to our patients, ensuring their treatments precisely address their dental needs. When used in conjunction with digital X-rays, Dr. Birnbaum is able to identify vulnerabilities that would otherwise go undetected. Early detection allows our Newton Centre dentist to proactively treat potential cavities before they have the opportunity to significantly damage the rest of the smile. The result is greater accuracy and precise diagnosis, leading to the development of a personalized treatment plan and improved oral health.

Learn More Today

We believe that all patients deserve to enjoy lasting oral health. With the CariVu device, Dr. Birnbaum is able to provide patients with high quality dentistry tailored to their specific smiles. To learn more about the advantages of this treatment option, contact Dr. Birnbaum’s practice today and schedule your next appointment.


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